A shocking 28 per cent of people in England do not engage in any sport or physical activity.

‘Al Qadr Media Sunnah Sports’ is a Birmingham based initiative who are here to increase the number of people doing sport activities – in a non mixed gender environment.

Our vision is that everyone, regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to take part in sporting activities working to increase the number of people taking part in sports and activity and decrease the number of people who are physically inactive. We hope to engage the youth, particularly, in sporting activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle away from their X Boxes and Playstations to ensure sound fitness and mental wellbeing.

Al Qadr Media’s Sunnah Sports Project aims to provide opportunities for Muslims to take part in the Sunnah Sports, namely, archery, horseriding and swimming.

Sunnah Sports Facilities will be arranged and organised by Al Qadr Media to take part in these activities while adhering to Islamic principles and guidelines.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever revives a Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practice it, he will have the same reward of those who practice it without their reward diminishing…”

[Sunan Ibn Maajah (209)]