Al Qadr Media is pleased to offer a free councelling service for both brothers and sisters, provided by either Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Jabbar himself, or students guided directly by him.

This service provides practical and emotional advice and support on a range of topics including: marital problems, revert issues, anxiety and depression and other difficulties faced with regards to deen.

We remind you of your deeper purpose in life while guiding you through difficult times faced in this worldly life, bi’idhnillaah.

Painful experiences and the pressures of life can block our connection with Allaah so our Islamic guidance and counselling is designed to help the individual to find their own fitra, or natural disposition and live their lives with the guidance of their Creator.

Our oft repeated motto and reminder is that with every hardship follows ease [Qur’aan, 94:5]

Al Qadr Media councelliors aim to guide you through your hardships with both inspiration words and practical and spiritual advice.

Please contact +447532 226222 for further information.